ClearCam is dedicated to providing clinicians with innovative tools and technologies that maximize their vision and skill in the Operating Room.  We accomplish this through our core values of intellectual honesty, speed of light execution, direct communication, and simple, elegant design. We treat customers, employees, patients, and partners with respect, dignity, and professionalism.

It is our mission to create products that improve today and tomorrow’s surgical visualization platforms; platforms that employ cutting edge technology and open doors to new and exciting surgical procedures that provide better patient outcomes.



After our successful Seed Series Round in late 2018 we have been hard at work building the best products we can and get to FDA Clearance. We expect to be in Human Pilot Studies in late 2019.

May 2019

We have been hard at work in our lab in the Health Discovery Building at Dell Medical School at the University of Texas at Austin getting to a frozen design.

Testing + Regulatory
June 2019

Biocompatibility, mechanical, aging, sterilization, durability, and efficacy are in progress and on schedule.

FDA Clearance
October 2019

We anticipate FDA Clearance happening in October of 2019.

Pilot Trials
December 2019

We are currently working with hospital groups on Pilot Trials for the end of 2019 and early 2020. We plan to be in-market by Spring of 2020.